About us

A new way to rent.

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Our mission.

We believe that everyone should have a chance at wealth creation through housing. No renter should feel the anxiety of the wealth gap widening  between them and homeowners. And every renter should have an opportunity to build for their future.

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Our vision.

At Ascend, we’re building a new way to rent – a model that values and rewards renter as partners and co-investors by ensuring access to the wealth creation possibilities of real estate, without ever having to purchase a home.

We believe this journey isn’t just about housing. It’s about community, health, and pride. We are building invested communities with you, for you.

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And our core values.


We want our renter-investors to understand and learn how capital is used to build wealth for both them and our real estate investors.


We believe in recognizing and rewarding renters for being good stewards of their homes - and partners.


We will empower our renters to build for their future, whether it includes homeownership or something else.